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Secrets to Spiritual Power

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Secrets to Spiritual Power by Watchman Nee

Secrets to Spiritual Power: Gleanings and Quotes from the Many Writings of Watchman Nee

Watchman Nee experienced such a close intimacy with the Lord that many remarkable insights into triumphant Christian living were revealed to him by the Holy Spirit. Sentinel Pulp wanted a way to introduce readers to the vast reserve of wisdom that the Spirit anointed through Nee's ministry, so he collected quotes and excerpts from nearly all of the books currently in print by Watchman Nee. And now these truths are available to you so that you can have the same kind of vibrant relationship with God.

"It is only after having reached the point of utter despair in ourselves—so that we cease even to try—that we put our trust in the Lord to manifest His resurrection life in us. The sooner we give up trying, the better. For it is only by ceasing in ourselves that we give place to the Holy Spirit. And then, we will see a power stronger than ourselves carrying us through."
Watchman Nee, Secrets to Spiritual Power

Secrets to Spiritual Power, a collection of Watchman Nee's time-tested words of wisdom, will inspire you to

  • Enjoy all that is yours in Christ
  • Know for sure that you are saved
  • Overcome adversity and Satan's power
  • Receive guidance from the Holy Spirit
  • Find daily strength for daily needs
  • See the truths of the Bible come alive
  • Have faith that moves mountains

You will be set free from all sin and bondage as you discover not only that Christ is your salvation, but also that He is your sanctification. In fact, Christ will be to you all that you needyour victory, your power, your life. God will pour out His blessings to you in Christ. You can receive His powerful provision today! 

"The current pitiable condition of the church is actually all of our own making. We make self the center of everything and take the Lord merely as a helper to us. As a result, there is little of the reality of the kingdom manifest in our lives. How do we know this? Because those who grasp hold of even a little of the kingdom have lives that are transformed. They are not the same as they were before."
Watchman Nee, Secrets to Spiritual Power

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    Powerful succinct reference of Nee' books

    Posted by J.E. on 15th Mar 2013

    This book is for the mature Christian who really wants to develop a personal relationship with the Lord. Helps one to develop faith. Increase his/her prayer power. This book is a compilation of a collection of books by Watchman Nee that will inspire you to the next level of Christian maturity.