Watchman Nee

Finest of the Wheat Volume 2

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Finest of the Wheat Volume 2 by Watchman Nee

The Finest of the Wheat Volume 2: Excerpts from the Published Works of Watchman Nee

In order to preserve the best of Watchman Nee's thoughts and teachings, Christian Fellowship Publishers compiled an essential overview and introduction to the ministry of Nee in two volumes. The Finest of the Wheat Volume 2 includes excerpts from approximately 63 different books by Nee, including foundational classics such as The Normal Christian Life, The Life That Wins, The Spiritual Man, The Release of the Spirit, Let Us Pray, and Sit, Walk, Stand. 

The excerpts in The Finest of the Wheat Volume 2 are used to provide a basic understanding of Nee's teachings on the following subjects: Man, Soul and Spirit, the Flesh, Body and Sickness, the Blood, Forgiveness adn Deliverance, the Law and Its Deliverance, Righteousness, Discipline, the Cross and Its Messenger, Brokenness, the World, the Kingdom, Judgment, the Rapture, the Overcomers, Rewards, Spiritual Warfare, Prophecy, the Study of God's Word, the Ministry of God's Word, Spiritual Ministry, the Work, and more.

From the chapter on the topic of Discipline in The Finest of the Wheat Volume 2:

"God does not deal with everyone in the world. He only chastens those whom He loves. He chastens us because we are His beloved. He wants to make us into a suitable vessel. That is why He spends time on His children to chasten them. Chastisement, then, is love's arrangement. Love arranges these happenings. Love measures what we should meet. Love plans the details of our environment. We call this discipline because it always aims at the highest good and the ultimate intention of creation. Those who are chastened of the Lord are those who are assuredly accepted by God. To be scourged is not a sign of rejection, but rather the evidence of God's special approval."

These extracts are grouped together under about fifty topics and are appropriately introduced by a sketch of the life of Watchman Nee that has been provided by the Publisher's translator.