Watchman Nee

Finest of the Wheat Volume 1

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Finest of the Wheat Volume 1 by Watchman Nee

The Finest of the Wheat Volume 1: Excerpts from the Published Works of Watchman Nee

Christian Fellowship Publishers compiled an essential overview and introduction to the ministry of Nee in two volumes in order to preserve the best of Watchman Nee's thoughts and teachings. The Finest of the Wheat Volume 1 includes excerpts from approximately 63 different books by Nee, including foundational classics such as The Normal Christian Life, The Life That Wins, The Spiritual Man, The Release of the Spirit, Let Us Pray, and Sit, Walk, Stand. 

The excerpts in The Finest of the Wheat Volume 1 are used to provide a basic understanding of Nee's teachings on the following subjects: God and His Eternal Purpose, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Baptism, the Body of Christ, the Testimony, the Church, Christian Life, Spiritual Experience, Christian Conduct, the Covenant, Authority and Submission, the Second Coming of Christ, Consecration, Faith, the Priesthood of Believers, Resurrection, Revelation, Redemption and Salvation, Character, Prayer, Worship, Spiritual Knowledge, and Spiritual Reality.

From the chapter on the Christian Life in The Finest of the Wheat Volume 1:

"Living in the Spirit means that I trust the Holy Spirit to do in me what I cannot do myself. This life is completely different from the life I would naturally live of myself. Each time I am faced with a new demand from the Lord, I look to Him to do in me what He requires of me. It is not a case of trying but of trusting; not of struggling but of resting in Him. If I have a hasty temper, impure thoughts, a quick tongue or a critical spirit, I shall not set out with a determined effort to change myself, but instead, reckoning myself dead in Christ to these things, I shall look to the Spirit of God to produce in me the needed purity or humility or meekness, confident that He will do so. This is what it means to 'stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will work for you' (Exodus 14:13)."

These extracts are grouped together under about fifty topics and are appropriately introduced by a sketch of the life of Watchman Nee that has been provided by the Publisher's translator.