Andrew Murray

Secret of Power From On High, The

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The Secret of Power From On High by Andrew Murray

The Secret of Power From On High: A 30-day Devotional by Andrew Murray

In this pocket-sized book of meditations, Andrew Murray asks readers to consider their relation to the Holy Spirit in regard to prayer in the hope that it will help them to realize what an unspeakable privilege it will be to take time every day to call upon the Spirit and to surrender themselves entirely to His guidance. When the prayer meetings held at the time of Pentecost are over, many feel that they need help in studying God's Word at home so as to be led into a realization of the silent but mighty work which God's Spirit will do in them. Christians should not remain 'babes in Christ,' but should grow up as spiritual men to know the Lord and to serve Him, to be witnesses to those around them, and to be a blessing to all with whom they come into contact.

The Secret of Power From On High seeks to give help and teaching to all seekers after the life which is wholly surrendered to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The great truths regarding the work of the Spirit are presented as simply as possible, that the reader may be led to see how important it is to be changed into His image from glory to glory as by the Spirit of the Lord.

"Have you ever realized when you pray for the Holy Spirit that you are praying for the whole Godhead to take possession of you? Do you really understand this? or have your prayers had a wrong motive? Were you expecting that God would do something in your heart, but as to the rest of your activities, you must be free to do your own will? That would be a great mistake. The Holy Spirit must have full possession."
Andrew Murray, The Secret of Power From On High