Andrew Murray

Secret of the Throne of Grace, The

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The Secret of the Throne of Grace by Andrew Murray

The Secret of the Throne of Grace: A 30-day Devotional by Andrew Murray

When Andrew Murray wrote his devotional The Secret of Brotherly Love, he intended to have several more chapters on Love but found there was no room. Those chapters are included in The Secret of the Throne of Grace to further emphasize the difficult truth that apart from the promptings of the Holy Spirit, we have no desire either to love God or our neighbors. This truth highlights the urgent need for the Throne of Grace. 

In this little book, Murray reveals the intimate connection between the Throne of God and the Lamb and the liberty which we have through the blood of Christ to enter into the holiest place, there to ask and receive God's abundant grace. This 30-day devotional immerses the reader in the power and lavishness of the grace available to believers and makes clear that the Christian life isn't meant to be lived without it. Are you trying to live your life without receiving daily grace? 

"Let all who read this take to heart the great thought: I come to the Throne of Grace not only to receive the abundant grace for my own needs, but to be strengthened and fitted for taking that grace to others. How can God, how can the Lamb, make known the glory of the Throne of Grace to those who sit in darkness? By means of those who know the Throne of Grace and will offer themselves wholly to the service of that Throne, being willing to share their experience with others. The Throne of Grace will become more precious to us as we understand that abundant grace will work within us in greater power when we give our lives to make this salvation known to others."
Andrew Murray, The Secret of the Throne of Grace