Andrew Murray

Secret of Brotherly Love, The

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The Secret of Brotherly Love by Andrew Murray

The Secret of Brotherly Love: A 30-Day Devotional

The subject of Love, with which this little book deals, is one of the most difficult and profound of themes. It is no easy task to ascend to heaven and there behold the heavenly glory as an ocean of holy, all-embracing love! And then to return to earth and here see how, among men, instead of brotherliness, hatred, with all its sad results, has characterized the history of mankind. Yes, and it reached its climax in the rejection and crucifixion of the Eternal Love embodied in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Andrew Murray's beautiful little devotional, The Secret of Brotherly Love, asks us to think of the state of the world at present, and then consider the power that Satan has to divide even God's children from each other in sometimes bitter enmity. What a task it is to reconcile God's everlasting Father-love and the sad strife seen among the Body of Christ. How difficult it becomes to recommend this love so as to find for it an entrance into men's hearts! How shall we, above all, persuade God's children that living in the love of God and in love to the brethren is not only possible but a plain duty, and worth the sacrifice of all to possess and to proclaim it?

"When a Christian comes to understand that the love wherewith God and Christ love him should be in him too—and not merely as a pleasant experience but as a divine life-power, abiding in him—he can have assurance that the Spirit of God longs to effect this love in him. And as he believes this, and surrenders himself fully to the Holy Spirit, he will find that he can and will love all men."
Andrew Murray, The Secret of Brotherly Love

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    excellent small short encouraging pieces

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Mar 2014

    Much better then reading the newspaper are watch TV