Watchman Nee

My Spiritual Journey

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My Spiritual Journey by Watchman Nee

My Spiritual Journey: The Spiritual Life of Watchman Nee

From Christian Fellowship Publishers comes a new and fascinating compilation of the writings of Watchman Nee. In the Scriptures, spiritual life is often pictured as a spiritual journey, and in My Spiritual Journey, the reader is able to see the flow of the Spirit in Nee's spiritual growth over the course of his life.

"Formerly I thought my nothingness was a hindrance to God's work; now, though, unless I am nothing I cannot work for Him at all. Hereafter I am an empty vessel in the Lord's hand to be used by Him. Yet even in this regard, Satan subtly comes to work on this nothingness. He tempts me to boast of my nothingness, to make me think of my lackluster nothingness as something to be enjoyed and be proud of! And thus my nothingness is no longer nothing! O Lord, such enjoyment is Satan's counterfeit. May I be abased and the Lord be exalted. May all glory be unto You, Lord. Amen."
Watchman Nee, My Spiritual Journey

A review of Nee's life reveals that there are four distinct stages in his spiritual journey. The first stage covers the years from 1920 to 1928: from his regeneration to his basic spiritual training. The second stage comprises the years from 1928 to 1942: the period from the expansion of the work to his withdrawal from ministry. The third stage encompasses the years from 1942 to 1952: that is, from Watchman Nee's withdrawal from ministry to his captivity by the Chinese Communists. The final stage covers the years from 1952 to 1972: from his arrest and imprisonment to his death. 

Every stage in Nee's spiritual journey has been described by him either in his writings or else by the words of his spoken ministry. This book is in essence Watchman Nee's spiritual life testimony, a gift of guidance and encouragement to those of us still walking this earth!