Watchman Nee

Come, Lord Jesus

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Come, Lord Jesus by Watchman Nee

Come, Lord Jesus: A Study of the Book of Revelation

In the study of prophecy, Watchman Nee followed the approach of such people as G.H. Pember, Robert Govett and D.M. Panton, though he no doubt had his own original views and interpretations. As one can never be dogmatic in prophetic study, Nee merely presented here what seemed to help and satisfy him most.

Excerpt from Come, Lord Jesus:

"Never in the Bible does harvesting carry with it a bad connotation. Unlike figs on the fig trees, wheat cannot remain too long in the field after the ripening. It must be reaped. The first mentioning of harvest in Scriptures is found in Genesis 8:22. Being a harvest, it is a token of God's blessing. When the Lord speaks of harvest (John 4:35), He too means it well. According to Matthew 3:12 wheat is to be gathered into the garner. According to Leviticus 23, the first fruits of the harvest are to be brought into the house of God (see also Exodus 23;19, 34:26). This typifies how at the first rapture Christians are to be caught up to the throne of God. To gather wheat into the garner, therefore, signifies those Christians who are caught up to the air to meet the Lord, for the garner is built between the field and the home—the field being the world (Matthew 13:38) and the home being heaven. Consequently, the Christians in the harvest are taken up to the air which lies between heaven and the world."

Come, Lord Jesus, Nee's commentary on the book of Revelation, is timely in helping us understand the future. It not only gives us a sequence of coming events, but more so brings us into the spirit of prophecy which is the testimony of Jesus (Revelation 19:10). It reveals to us the glory of Jesus Christ. May Come, Lord Jesus inspire us to know Him more and to be prepared to meet Him!