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Blog: Deepen your relationship with a Living God

Many Called, Few Chosen: Becoming a Disciple

“Called or Chosen,” the Message of the Month for May 2015, finds Martha Kilpatrick looking at Matthew 22:14 with fresh eyes and a new anointing of the Holy Spirit—“Many are called, but few are chosen.” I really thought that I had a decent understanding of this well-known Scripture, but I found myself marveling at the depth and reach of these [...]

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Martha Kilpatrick Asks Where We Turn in Chaotic Times

An Audio Letter to the Church in these perilous times! In these turbulent days, evil is blatantly expressing itself in more and more violence. It screams at us through the media with ever-present horror stories. Mass murders, martyrdom, suicide bombings, the threat of smart bombs, and lawlessness at every level of society. Jesus foretold in Matthew 24:6-7 that [...]

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Crucified by Christians by Gene Edward

We now carry Crucified by Christians by Gene Edwards. If you have been a Christian for any length of time you've probably experienced the pain and suffering associated by the betrayal of a brother or sister in Christ. Whether your injuries are simply perceived or inflicted in actuality, the fact still remains, the pain is real to [...]

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