Crucified by Christians by Gene Edward

Crucified by Christians by Gene Edward

Posted by John Enslow on 18th Apr 2015

We now carry Crucified by Christians by Gene Edwards.


If you have been a Christian for any length of time you've probably experienced the pain and suffering associated by the betrayal of a brother or sister in Christ. Whether your injuries are simply perceived or inflicted in actuality, the fact still remains, the pain is real to you. You have been hurt!

We often expect pain from the world, but when it's the pain suffered at the hands of another believer it catches us off guard. We've opened our hearts and lives to these ones who we now call family and their wounding of us is devastating. In fact very few recover completely from these wounds. Many leave the faith and are destroyed. Their effective Christian lives ravaged forever.

I know I have experienced these wounds and the temptation has been to retreat to safety. I go to save myself and leave that which has caused me pain. Bitterness is the temptation for this wounding. "I trusted them, opened myself to them and they betrayed me!"

Well in the pages of this book I believe you will find comfort, hope and courage to carry on. Healing is what we need when we have been crucified by Christians—deep inner healing! Whether the infliction was from a church split, the moral failure of a trusted leader, evil slander against us, jealousy... the wounding is real! And the toll it can take on our lives is great.

In Crucified by Christians, Gene Edwards gives a perspective on these betrayals that takes you higher, so much higher. To know you're not the only one is helpful, but to know there is actually an eternal plan behind these inflictions is transcendent. There's a Mind greater than the wounds you have received. There is a purpose higher than your pain and suffering.

Though I may not choose to launch immediately again to open my heart, it is amazing to know that there could be a day in the future where this would be possible. And beyond this all, there is a peace I will receive from opening again to God. I believe that after reading this book you will have clearer sight and a greater view of that which has caused you such pain. Your vision will be lifted higher and you will have hope where no hope remained.Yes, you can experience a living resurrection!

 "One thing is sure, the mastermind behind your crucifixion is not one who quickly comes to mind..." 

Gene Edwards Crucified by Christians