The Prisoner in the Third Cell by Gene Edwards

The Prisoner in the Third Cell by Gene Edwards

Posted by John Enslow on 26th Aug 2015

We now carry The Prisoner in the Third Cell by Gene Edwards.

Gene Edwards can so aptly invite you in through stories. His tales give you an opportunity to witness the motivating essence of his characters, all the while welcoming you to partake of the overriding spiritual principles which drive their lives. In the book Prisoner in the Third Cell, Edwards does exactly this.

Gene Edwards has written some of the most impactful books because he can take deep spiritual truths and wrap them perfectly in a narrative. His other books, The Divine RomanceThe Tale of Three Kings and many more, absolutely touch the spirit of a man.

Prisoner in the Third Cell is a story based on the life of John the Baptist. In an artful way, Edwards leads you through John's life and choices, even to his largest choice—to not become offended with the Lord.

As we walk through this world, inevitable pains will come. As children of God our greatest temptation is to become offended with the God who allows our pains. I know this has been my temptation. When crises arise and my prayers for help seem to fall on deaf ears, my temptation is to become offended with God. “Why is He not answering me? Does He not care about my situation? I’m in pain, does He not see?”

Journey with John the Baptist into his plight and hear how he passed through this temptation in the midst of his crisis. And more, follow his path within your own testing ground of personal life trials.

Come with your seeking heart and hear the story, observe the life, and receive the challenge from that voice that called out in the wilderness. Let the lesson from John the Baptist’s imprisonment transform your life forever.

"Shall we scorn that God has revealed so little concerning His ways, or rejoice that He has revealed so much?"
Gene Edwards The Prisoner in the Third Cell