Like Guyon, We Can All Experience Jesus

Like Guyon, We Can All Experience Jesus

Posted by Living Christian Books Team on 28th Apr 2016

Have you experienced Jesus like Jeanne Guyon?

experiencingdepthsofchrist.jpgDespite having lived and written in the 1600s, Jeanne Guyon’s testimony is absolutely relevant today. The wisdom and revelation contained in her most famous work, Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ, has an eternal anointing for hungry hearts everywhere. Here is Guyon offering a glimpse of the miraculous life available to every born-again believer:

In this little book you will learn what it means to give your heart to the Lord and how to make that gift to Him.

Let me ask you, then, do you desire to know the Lord in a deep way? God has made such an experience, such a walk, possible for you. He has made it possible through the grace He has given to all His redeemed children. He has done it by means of His Holy Spirit.

How then will you come to the Lord to know Him in such a deep way? Prayer is the key. But I have in mind a certain kind of prayer. It is a kind of prayer that is very simple and yet holds the key to perfection and goodness—things found only in God Himself. The type of prayer that I have in mind will deliver you from enslavement to every sin. It is a prayer that will release to you every Godly virtue.

You see, the only way to be perfect is to walk in the presence of God. The only way you can live in His presence in uninterrupted fellowship is by means of prayer, but a very special kind of prayer. It is a prayer that leads you into the presence of God and keeps you there at all times; a prayer that can be experienced under any conditions, any place, and any time.

Is there really such a prayer? Does such an experience with Christ truly exist?

Yes, there is such a prayer! A prayer that does not interfere with your outward activities or your daily routine.

There is a kind of prayer that can be practiced by kings, by priests, by soldiers, by laborers, by children, by women, and even by the sick.

May I hasten to say that the kind of prayer I am speaking of is not a prayer that comes from your mind. It is a prayer that begins in the heart. It does not come from your understanding or your thoughts. Prayer offered to the Lord from your mind simply would not be adequate. Why? Because your mind is very limited. The mind can pay attention to only one thing at a time. Prayer that comes out of the heart is not interrupted by thinking! I will go so far as to say that nothing can interrupt this prayer, the prayer of simplicity.

As Jeanne Guyon promises, there is much more to the Christian life than we can comprehend because our God is so great! If what Guyon describes here is a life and relationship with Jesus Christ that you desperately want and do not have, reading Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ is an excellent start to your journey.