Watchman Nee

Whom Shall I Send?

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Whom Shall I Send? by Watchman Nee

God asks, "Whom Shall I Send?" How do you answer?

Does God work alone or does He work with man? Let us see that aside from the work of creation, which He performs alone, God always works with man and works in man. If He does not obtain the man He looks for, He will not do the work He plans but will wait until He does obtain His man, and then His work shall be done. Such knowledge reveals the unspeakable love of God towards man, but it also places upon man a tremendous responsibility.

"The reason why many people are not being drawn into the kingdom is not because God has no desire to have the gospel preached, nor because He has no intention to save men, but because He does not have the man or men whom He can use. Many believers are possessed by vainglory; many Christians are engrossed in enjoyment; many are too occupied with their families; many are enslaved to comfort. These people care only for their own interests. They have no heart for preaching the gospel or doing God's work."
Watchman Nee, Whom Shall I Send?

Whom Shall I Send? finds Watchman Nee looking at the kind of man whom God can use in His service: one who is redeemed and completely surrendered, who knows his total inability, and who desires only to please the Lord. Every believer has a divine calling on his/her life, and this book offers clarity into both the nature of a true servant of the Lord and the nature of the service itself. 

The cry of the triune God is, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" May the response of all His children be, "Here am I; send me" (Isaiah 6:8)!