Watchman Nee

What Shall This Man Do?

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What Shall This Man Do? by Watchman Nee

What Shall This Man Do?: Discovering Your Place in Ministry

Not sure if you "fit the mold" of ministry? Watchman Nee's What Shall This Man Do? encourages us by showing that God calls people from diverse backgrounds and equips them for distinctive tasks.

"Since God does not call each of His servants to precisely identical tasks, neither does He use precisely identical means for their preparation. As the Lord of all operations, God retains the right to use particular forms of discipline or training, and sometimes the added test of suffering, as means to His end. For His goal is a ministry that is not merely common or general, but rather, one specially designed for the service of His people in a given hour. To the servant himself, such a ministry must become peculiarly his own—something to be specially expressed because specially experienced."
Watchman Nee, What Shall This Man Do?

Though each of us is called to a unique place of service, our ministries are not in conflict, but complementary. "You advance spiritually by finding out what you are," Nee says, "not by trying to become what you hope to be." Nee draws from the lives of three apostles to illustrate essential elements of Christian ministry:

  • Peter, "fisher of men"  leading others to the WAY
  • Paul, teacher of Scripture  instructing others in the LIFE
  • John, elder in the church  discipling others in the TRUTH

Learn the secrets of Christian service from a man who demonstrated steadfast faith under persecution.