Andrew Murray

The Lord's Table

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The Lord's Table by Andrew Murray

The Lord's Table: Devotional Thoughts and Prayers for the Celebration of Communion

"Man obtains nothing without time being spent upon it. Even where free grace is to do everything apart from our working, we must give it time to carry out its work in our hearts. It is only when I personally resolve to look to Jesus until my desires become truly operative within me that I shall be really prepared for the banquet. It is only when I deal trustfully with Him in the ordinary activities of the hidden and the daily life that I can expect extraordinary blessing from public communion with Him at His table. Yes, hunger and thirst cannot be awakened simply when I see the table. It is in the conflict of the preceding life that hunger and thirst are aroused. Only for such is the table a feast. May this quickening not be wanting to me in this preparation."
Andrew Murray, The Lord's Table

The Lord's Table draws us into the place of preparation for meeting with the King! The richness of Andrews Murray's teachings shines forth in these thought-provoking meditations that bring a better understanding of the observance of the Lord's Supper. Pastors will find the devotional readings and prayers of great help as they prepare for Communion Sunday.

Let Murray revive in you the awe that comes from feasting at the table with Christ!