Charles Spurgeon

Power in the Blood

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Power in the Blood by Charles Spurgeon

There is great power in the Blood!

Weakness, injuries, impurities  these are the effects of sin.

"Sin is sadly destructive to man; it takes the crown from his head, the light from his mind, and the joy from his heart. We may name many grievous diseases that are destroyers of our race, but the greatest of these is sin. Sin, indeed, is the fatal egg from which all other sicknesses have been hatched. It is the fountain and source of all mortal maladies."
Charles Spurgeon, Power in the Blood 

Cleansing, healing, purifying  these are the effects of sin's cure. "The precious blood of Jesus has power to heal long-rooted sin. It makes old hearts new." In Power in the Blood, Charles Spurgeon discusses how to:

  • Be accepted in Christ
  • Start a whole new life
  • Receive help when tempted
  • Rid your life of strife
  • Share the gospel with others
You will gain spiritual wisdom as you explore God's Word with Spurgeon and apply it to your life!
"The chief relish about our Lord Jesus to a penitent sinner is His sin-bearing and His agonies. We need the suffering Savior, the Christ of Gethsemane, the Christ of Golgotha and Calvary, Christ shedding His blood in the sinner's stead and bearing for us the fire of God's wrath. Nothing short of this will suffice to be food for a hungry heart. Withhold this, and you starve the child of God."