Andrew Murray

Blood of the Cross, The

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The Blood of the Cross by Andrew Murray

What does the blood of the Cross accomplish?

"There can be no freedom of approach to God, nor fellowship with Him, apart from a truly vital and powerful experience of the blood of Christ. Its power is a hidden, spiritual, divine reality, and therefore can be experienced only in a heart that is humbly and entirely submitted to the Spirit of God. And in the same proportion that we have an insight into the inner nature that inspired Christ to shed His blood, we shall understand what the power is which can produce that same nature in us."
Andrew Murray, The Blood of the Cross

We can never know too much about the truths that the blood of Christ proclaims. Andrew Murray, through his truly inspirational walk with God, has lifted the veil on much of the mystery of Christ's blood and its precious source of life.

In The Blood of the Cross, Murray shares the tremendous power that Christ's blood has for each of us if we accept it as our rightful inheritance and rely upon it to protect and enable us to accomplish our purposes in God.

"It is my prayer that the Lord our God may lead all His people, and me also, ever deeper into the blessed experience of a heart and walk in which the blood manifests its power, and into a communion with God in the liberty and intimacy which the blood can bring about."
Andrew Murray, The Blood of the Cross