Watchman Nee

Full of Grace and Truth Volume 2

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Full of Grace and Truth Volume 2 by Watchman Nee

Full of Grace and Truth Volume 2: Watchman Nee on the Gospel of Jesus Christ

In the early days of his anointed ministry, Watchman Nee was greatly used by the Lord in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, thereby winning many souls to the Lord. Though gradually he began to spend more time in building up the believers through a ministry of discipleship and teaching, he nevertheless remained at all times a herald of the glorious gospel of salvation.

"How blessed is the man who knows that morality cannot at all save him! Nowadays people usually view the idea of anyone preaching to them about 'believing Jesus' as an attempt to persuade them to do good. Yet this very concept of persuasion demonstrates the fact that man can do no good. Even many believers do not fully comprehend that good works cannot save them. They reckon if they try their best to keep the faith, go to church, contribute money to it, and help in its activities—that is to say, if they try their very best to do good—that God will be pleased with them and save them. Yet how ignorant they are of the emptiness of all these things. For in the matter of salvation, these things will not help one whit! (I do not mean to say here that we should not keep the truth and so forth. I only say that we will not be saved by these things.)"
Watchman Nee, Full of Grace and Truth Volume 2

In Full of Grace and Truth Volume 2, eight more of the gospel messages which Nee gave in his early years have been selected to form a fuller presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The topics covered in this second volume include morality, the Samaritan Woman, being reconciled to God, the paths to hell, judgment, and how to know if you are saved.

If the Lord has placed the call of evangelism on your life, you will find these messages invaluable!