Watchman Nee

Full of Grace and Truth Volume 1

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Full of Grace and Truth Volume 1 by Watchman Nee

Full of Grace and Truth Volume 1: Watchman Nee on the Gospel of Jesus Christ

In the early days of his anointed ministry, Watchman Nee was greatly used by the Lord in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, thereby winning many souls to the Lord. Though gradually he began to spend more time in building up the believers through a ministry of discipleship and teaching, he nevertheless remained at all times a herald of the glorious gospel of salvation.

"We always reason that a good man goes to heaven and a bad man goes to hell. But the Lord Jesus declares just the opposite! Do not be shocked as though this were a new teaching, however. For let it be clearly understood that if there is anyone in heaven, he must (apart from the Lord Jesus) be a sinner. In heaven you cannot find nor see a good man. All in heaven are sinners! And in hell? Lots of good men are there! Do not comfort yourselves by thinking you will not go to hell because you are good. Let me tell you, many like yourself are already in hell. And some who are there are even better than you are! According to man's logic, a bad person should go to hell as well as a good person. But in trusting in the Lord Jesus, the bad as well as the good may go to heaven."
Watchman Nee, Full of Grace and Truth Volume 1

In Full of Grace and Truth Volume 1, eight of the gospel messages which Nee gave in his early years have been selected to form a fuller presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The topics covered include God's existence, Passover, sufferings of the cross, the ways to hell, and the assurance of salvation.

May the Spirit of God speak to the hearts of all who read this book and bring them into the glorious freedom which only Christ can give!