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Gospel Dialogue

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Gospel Dialogue by Watchman Nee

Gospel Dialogue: Questions and Answers on the Truth of the Gospel

Watchman Nee understood that most believers know little of gospel truth, and he also knew just how much of what is believed is either inaccurate or incomplete. Gospel Dialogue contains the gist of a dialogue on the truth of the gospel held between Nee and other believers. The questions are simple and basic but thought-provoking and heart-searching. The answers are all firmly grounded in the Biblical Word of God, because as the Lord Himself said in His prayer to the Father, "Thy word is truth" (John 17:17).

Here is an example of the types of questions and answers contained in Gospel Dialogue.

Did Christ keep the law for us? Is there any direct relationship between our salvation and His keeping the law?

Christ's keeping the law gives Him the righteousness which qualifies Him to be the Savior. Consequently, Christ's keeping the law has only an indirect relationship to our salvation. 

Christ saves us by His death—He suffered for us the penalty imposed by the law. He does not save us by His keeping the law. It is the death of Christ that saves us; it is the righteousness which He fulfills by His death, not the righteousness which He has in life. His personal righteousness is all for His own Self.

The questions included in this book tackle some of the more difficult parts of the Gospel, such as the unpardonable sin and falling away from grace. The answers provided by Nee help to clarify the deeper passages of Scripture for believers young and old. Read Gospel Dialogue with the Holy Spirit and receive fresh understanding of God's Word.

May our faith be strengthened through the knowledge of the gospel, and may the church of the Living God in fact be a pillar and ground of the gospel!