Watchman Nee

Amazing Grace

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Amazing Grace by Watchman Nee

What is this Amazing Grace that saves us?

Mankind could not fully understand what divine grace is till it was revealed in Jesus Christ; nor could believing mankind fully apprehend the depth of that grace till it be found in Christ Jesus. Even today this incredible salvation continually amazes those of us who have been touched by God’s grace. 

"We must acknowledge today that we do not know how to let Christ be our life. Instead, we fall and are weak, we glorify ourselves and are critical of others, we are lacking in brotherly love, we are not Christ-like, are unyielding adn not lamb-like, we are full of unclean thoughts, are unholy, and have many other sins unconquered. Christ has already died for us and has become our life. But in our daily living we do not have the experience of Christ living out His life in us. On the contrary, we are as before, being no different than the people of the world. As we were prior to our rebirth, so are we now. Regrettably, we have not advanced; and if we look within, all our sins are still there.

"Many Christians are like this. They do not know how to let Christ be their life. Strangely, though they seek and pray to God, confess their sins and ask for His grace, hoping to have a holy life and be able to be humble, gentle and loving; yet, after many prayers their hardness remains the same and their temperaments have not been transformed. In spite of continuous prayers God seems not to answer. They wonder what more they should do before God. In view of all this, I would like to advance our discussion a step further by addressing the key question: What does Christ being our life mean and how can we experience it?"
Watchman Nee, Amazing Grace

In August 1937, Watchman Nee gave a series of ten messages in Singapore on the Biblical theme of Amazing Grace. They were greatly appreciated at that time by those who heard. Now for the first time they have been translated into English for the benefit of the English-speaking world. May God use these messages to strengthen our faith!