Andrew Murray

Yield Yourself to God

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Yield Yourself to God by Andrew Murray

Do you know how to yield yourself to God?

Perfectly packaged in a 3.5" x 5" pocket-sized edition, this anointed excerpt from Andrew Murray's The Spiritual Life ably details the marks of a Christian's resurrection life and shows how it must be maintained every day. 

"Do we count it strange, if we take a seed from a tree and plant it, that the tree that springs from it is of the same nature? So it is not strange that when Adam fell and died I should share his sin. It is most natural. And so if Christ and I are one, it is not strange that God should justify me in Christ. But the believer must know not only that he is justified, he must know that he is in Christ. So starting at Romans 5:12, Paul begins his great argument to prove how we have received not only righteousness but life in Christ. Just as we died in Adam so may we live in Christ. Those who receive the gift of righteousness 'reign in life.' From Christ they not only have pardon and acceptance but victory; they are not only saved but are made kings unto God."
Andrew Murray, Yield Yourself to God

Who better than Andrew Murray to provide such a clear and concise revelation of the mystery of the indwelling life of Jesus Christ? The book of Romans will come alive for you in this Spirit-filled primer!