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Mystery of God, The

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The Mystery of God: Christ All and in All by Manfred Haller


The Mystery of God: Christ All and in All

There has never been a great deal of Christ-centered ministry. In the early 1900s, T. Austin-Sparks of England did center his entire ministry on the Lord Jesus Christ. Today such a testimony to the centrality of Christ comes from Adliswil, Switzerland in Manfred Haller's first-ever book in English, The Mystery of God: Christ All and in All (formerly God's Goal: Christ as All in All).

In the words of Manfred Haller, Jesus Christ will become "your only perspective, your only hope, your only possession, your only interest." Haller begins a process of stripping away generations of misinformation and introduces you anew to the reality of Christ, not as a concept or a doctrine, but as Christ in us, the hope of glory! Haller continues the stripping-away process and uncovers a secret that has been hidden for 1700 years: Christ and the Church are one! We are a community in which Christ lives. We are a society whose existence is Christ Himself, an organism growing in the fullness of Christ.

"Does anyone doubt we have digressed? What must be done to regain the centrality of Christ? God's people have strayed far from revealed truth. We miss and miss again the essential desire of our Father's heart. That the features of modern Christianity bear little resemblance to primitive Christianity is obvious to most Bible readers. Christians can name a thousand reasons why this discrepancy exists and why the modern church is not the first-century model. The Scriptures are continuously misused to confirm numerous established prejudices, particularly in the understanding of the church and the kingdom of God; they even fall victim to outright distortion.

"Many groups attempt to break out of the mold set by denominations and institutions and seek to try new things, yet end up making the same mistake: They are not based on heavenly realities as found in Christ. They are not radical enough in their pursuit of original Christian reality. The pattern, and the way to get it back, are overlooked."
Manfred Haller, The Mystery of God: Christ All and in All

The powerful truths between the covers of The Mystery of God are a revelation to the Church of Jesus Christ of her divine purpose, the embodiment of Christ as All in All. Ultimately God's goal, His eternal purpose, will be perfected. The entire creation will experience Christ as All in All!