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Ye Search the Scriptures

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Ye Search the Scriptures by Watchman Nee

Ye Search the Scriptures: An Aid to Studying the Bible

The Bible is the inspired word of God, and every child of His must know it by heart.

The Bible records the many things God did for us in the past and the many words He spoke. It also registers the many ways by which He led people in former days. It is therefore imperative for us to study the Scriptures if we would desire to know how richly and extensively God has provided for us.

The speaking of God to us today is based upon the words He has already spoken; His speaking through us today is also built upon what He has once before uttered. Watchman Nee understood how important it is for us to store the word of God richly in our hearts before we can hear God's speaking today and before we can be used as ministers of His word.

"The problem of studying the Word lies not simply in method but most keenly in man himself. Some study well, for they have learned before God; consequently, by using the right method they are able to know the Bible. But merely passing on their method without simultaneously imparting their life will not help others whose life is not right."
Watchman Nee, Ye Search the Scriptures

The aim of Ye Search the Scriptures is to supply some prerequisites and principal methods of studying the Scriptures to those who have a heart to know the Bible and above all, its Author. May God bless the readers as well as this book!