Jeanne Guyon

Union with God

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Union with God by Madame Jeanne Guyon

What does it mean to have union with God?

"Your way to God begins on the day of your conversion, for conversion marks your soul's initial return to God. From that moment you begin to live and have your being by the means of His grace. After your conversion, your own spirit—the human spirit (which is deep within your inmost being)—is touched by God and is made alive and functioning. Your spirit—in turn—invites your soul to compose itself and to turn within, there to find the God who has newly come to reside at the center of your being. Your spirit instructs your soul that, since God is more present deep within you, He cannot be found anywhere else. Henceforth, He must be sought within. And He must be enjoyed there alone."
Jeanne Guyon, Union with God

Union with God contains Jeanne Guyon's spiritual progression in the Lord. She reveals her desire to love only Jesus Christ, to live only for Him, and to suffer for Him. In her abandonment to her Lord, she acknowledges all things from the hand of her Beloved. Guyon reminds us that the Lord dwells within...and within is where we seek Him...and there enjoy Him in oneness.

You will marvel at Guyon's devotion to Jesus Christ, a devotion that she desired all believers to have towards the Lord. Included in this volume are twenty-two of her poems that reveal a vast depth of love and understanding as to the ways of God.

Union with God will point you to that place of infinite peace found only in Jesus Christ.