Andrew Murray

Trusting the Spirit

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Trusting the Spirit by Andrew Murray

Are you trusting the spirit for everything you need?

In his classic book, The Spirit of Christ, Andrew Murray includes some lengthy extracts from messages given in 1879 by the Swiss pastor Otto Stockmaier at Britain's Keswick Bible Conference. Trusting the Spirit is a pocket-sized edition of these anointed thoughts in regard to the work of the Holy Spirit. Here is great wisdom and encouragement in a little package!

"Now, you are asking how to trust. How can I be sure, as I am now trusting Jesus to keep me from sin, that this afternoon and this evening I shall be kept in communion with my God, that I shall abide in Jesus, that I shall go on trusting? Dear brother, the moment you put such a question, you are disbelieving the Holy Ghost; and so long as you ask it, you will never continue in communion with your God, because you are seeking in yourself the secret of going on trusting, and it is the Holy Ghost who 'worketh in you both to will and to do.'

"The reason so few Christians realize these things is that children of God have not the same definite trust in the work of the Holy Ghost that they have in the work of Christ. We must be Trinity believers, realizing all that Christ has provided for us by His work; but we are in the economy of the Holy Ghost, and so long as we do not honor the Holy Ghost we cannot be practical Christians."
Andrew Murray/Otto Stockmaier, Trusting the Spirit