Andrew Murray

Spirit of Christ

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The Spirit of Christ by Andrew Murray

The Spirit of Christ Gives Life!

"The indwelling Spirit has indeed been given to every child of God. Yet, you may experience little beyond the first half of the promise (the new spirit given us in regeneration) and know almost nothing of God's own Spirit. The Spirit's work in convicting of sin, and His leading to repentance and the new life, serve as the preparatory work. The distinctive glory of the gift of the Spirit is His divine personal indwelling in the heart of the believer to reveal the Father and the Son. If Christians understand and remember this, they will be able to claim the full blessing prepared for them in Christ Jesus."
Andrew Murray, "The Spirit of Christ"

Through Andrew Murray's superb classic, you will learn who the Holy Spirit is and how He works in our lives.  Discover how to...

  • Live a life overflowing with joy
  • Win the lost for Christ
  • Find true purpose for your life
  • Bring healing and miracles to others
  • Receive God's favor and blessings
  • Overflow with God's love
  • Experience God's leading in your life
Read The Spirit of Christ by Andrew Murray and be transformed as God's power flows through your life!