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Sovereign Touch, The

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Is God sovereign over the evil I see daily? Does His sovereignty include being over elections, governments, and leaders? What about disasters and devastation? Does His sovereignty actually include things beyond the church?

The Sovereign Touch shows that God is either sovereign over all or He isn’t sovereign at all!

There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t had a question about the sovereignty of God. But why? Why is the issue of God’s ultimate power and rule so provoking to our hearts? John Enslow has a raw and honest answer: “Deep down in our core we know that if God is truly sovereign, then we have to face the truth that things happened to us that hurt us and He didn’t stop it.” It is the paradox that confounds and tests us all. How can our sovereign God allow suffering and evil when He is utterly GOOD?

In The Sovereign Touch, John Enslow resolutely moves from one difficult truth about sovereignty to another as he pairs the Scripture with his own testimony, culled from decades of following Jesus Christ. Whether he’s looking at sovereignty in the vast universe or in the heart of a wounded child, Enslow constantly reveals the enormous Father-heart of God that too many people miss. You don’t want to be one of them!

"Our God is involved. If you want a God who is non-invasive, you’ve come to the wrong place. He is completely involved even when I don’t agree or understand. The fact is that God is never going to satisfy my demand that He give an account of Himself. I must come to a sovereign God bowing, surrendering, and yielding to Him, His ways, and His choices. If I’m demanding a satisfactory answer to the whys of my pain and abuse, I’ll be sorely disappointed. God doesn’t owe me an explanation for my pain. But if I bow to His sovereign hand, He just might reveal to me His divine purpose and plan."
John Enslow, The Sovereign Touch

ISBN-13: 978-1-936057-42-9

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  1. Life changing!

    Posted by JAN on 25th Mar 2019

    A must read for all born again Believers.

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