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Sovereign Touch, The

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The Sovereign Touch by John Enslow

Is God sovereign over the evil I see daily? Does His sovereignty include being over elections, governments, and leaders? What about disasters and devastation? Does His sovereignty actually include things beyond the church?

The Sovereign Touch shows that God is either sovereign over all or He isn’t sovereign at all!

There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t had a question about the sovereignty of God. But why? Why is the issue of God’s ultimate power and rule so provoking to our hearts? John Enslow has a raw and honest answer: “Deep down in our core we know that if God is truly sovereign, then we have to face the truth that things happened to us that hurt us and He didn’t stop it.” It is the paradox that confounds and tests us all. How can our sovereign God allow suffering and evil when He is utterly GOOD?

In The Sovereign Touch, John Enslow resolutely moves from one difficult truth about sovereignty to another as he pairs the Scripture with his own testimony, culled from decades of following Jesus Christ. Whether he’s looking at sovereignty in the vast universe or in the heart of a wounded child, Enslow constantly reveals the enormous Father-heart of God that too many people miss. You don’t want to be one of them!

"Our God is involved. If you want a God who is non-invasive, you’ve come to the wrong place. He is completely involved even when I don’t agree or understand. The fact is that God is never going to satisfy my demand that He give an account of Himself. I must come to a sovereign God bowing, surrendering, and yielding to Him, His ways, and His choices. If I’m demanding a satisfactory answer to the whys of my pain and abuse, I’ll be sorely disappointed. God doesn’t owe me an explanation for my pain. But if I bow to His sovereign hand, He just might reveal to me His divine purpose and plan."
John Enslow, The Sovereign Touch

ISBN-13: 978-1-936057-42-9

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  • 5
    Praying it will soon be in print! It’s meant to be shared.

    Posted by Tammy Hardin on 3rd Apr 2019

    When I first began reading, the following was a note I posted... “I’m sad when I have to put it down because life calls. So far each section, sometimes down to the sentence, speaks so intimately to me that I have to linger, soaking it in. Reading and re-reading because it tells me I’ve not been alone in what God has shown me in my own walk with Him. And just as quickly there’s new Light! New Truth! What a gift! Bless you John.” As I continued it became clear that “The Sovereign Touch” is not just for the believer, but for everyone. It is clearly written from the most humble of places. I’ve asked the Lord, “How do I do this book justice in my review?” All I can hear, over and over again is: “I can’t imagine it not becoming a Best Seller.”

  • 5
    There is a answer.

    Posted by David Milton Denlinger on 26th Mar 2019

    I've loved the Deeper Life Christian classics since Christ captured me in the early 1980's. Guyon, Fenelon, Brother Lawrence, Molinos, Watchman Nee, Tozer, Gene Edwards and more recently Martha Kilpatrick. In the last few years my life spun out of control and it seemed like almost everything that could go wrong went wrong. Many of my friends disappeared and I was left hanging onto two seemingly fragile strands of truth. God is good. God is Sovereign. What God was teaching me thru those who had walked ahead of me thru their own personal hells was greatly tested. To my knowledge there is not a more thorough yet succinct and readable treatise on this subject available anywhere in the world.I honestly believe if John Calvin and Jacob Arminius would have had this Spirit inspired revelation available to them their bloody centuries long controversy could have been avoided. If your heart longs for faith-building, life-giving truth rather than boring dissertations you have found the right book. If the current humanistic theologies ring hollow to your spirit, here is Christ- centered, Christ exalting illumination and compassion for whatever path you are traveling. He is good. He is Sovereign. He does all things well.

  • 5
    Life changing!

    Posted by JAN on 25th Mar 2019

    A must read for all born again Believers.