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Where Are You, God? (Kindle Exclusive)


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It is my earnest prayer that this booklet doesn’t leave you thinking of my experience but gives you deeper thought of your own.  
John Enslow, Where Are You, God?

Where Are You, God? We Seek the God Who Wants to be Found!

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Why do we settle for a life of so-called normalcy when it doesn’t hold the deep place of belonging we seek? Why do we stay in emptiness and hunger when everything we desperately need is waiting for us? We are called to something so much greater than we can imagine!

Most of us are born and then die without having ever lived the story written for us. We flail and scratch in the earth to find exactly who we are and why we’re here. So what happens when we look at our life and realize that nothing is wasted or random? From the tedious to the terrifying, every aspect of your life worked together to bring you to God and to reveal His Heart to yours.

In these pages we witness a man who grappled with this quandary. The heart’s cry of John Enslow from early childhood on was, “Where are You, God?” It was a question born of hunger not super-spirituality, and it would be asked over and over as John grew up. Though it seemed his search was thwarted and God remained elusive, John began to see that this was not the reality. In fact, John discovered that he was seeking the God who wants to be found.

John threw all aside for a risky pursuit of that One who came for him as a little boy. And in that abandon he met the Mystery of all mysteries, Jesus Christ, the Only One worth writing about.

Where Are You, God? is John Enslow’s personal story, but it’s so much more than that. As you follow along with the twists and turns, the joys and pains of John’s life, you will find that each page is a chance to encounter God yourself, to see Jesus more clearly, and to let the Spirit lead you into a deeper relationship with the Father who loves you best.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Life-changing

    Posted by Vicki W. Harris on 13th Oct 2018

    John has given us Christ . . . His Presence is overwhelming. It has left me hungering and yearning for ALL that God desires. His Life as mine!

  2. Touched

    Posted by Tammy Hardin on 13th Oct 2018

    I have prayed for this message and the gift of patience as I waited for it.

    He is so faithful to always “...do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think...”

    What a beautiful history of how God touched one man after His own heart. I am left with a hope and excitement I didn’t know I was lacking. I look forward to hearing more of Him through this author. May each one that reads be blessed beyond measure as you experience the exchanged Life.