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Great Exchange, The (Limited Time Free Shipping!)


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This message has the potential to be the last message you will ever need.

Imagine living to do only what you see the Heavenly Father doing. What would fall by the wayside? Which activities would no longer be performed? How would your life change? This is how Christ lived when He walked on earth and it’s how He desires to live within us today. This is the great exchange He offers us: His way in place of ours.

The Great Exchange: Experience Christ’s Life by letting Him live yours!

All my actions, even simple daily tasks, can have eternal significance if it is Christ, not me, doing them. Everything He does has eternal significance, from the minuscule to the magnanimous—everything. So why would we choose to trek it out on our own and forgo living His great exchange?

Trying to be what only Christ can be—life—only results in feeling ineffective and defeated. Nothing nullifies and invalidates our witness more than attempting to be what only Christ can be. But in the reality of Christ’s Life, even the weakest among us can be a powerhouse of the Kingdom, while the strongest and most capable are often shown to be shams. There is only One Life that achieves eternal glory and Kingdom purpose, and that Life belongs to Jesus. Come read The Great Exchange and watch as He solves all your life quandaries, becoming the very solution you have so longed to receive.


ISBN-13: 978-1-936057-46-7

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