Watchman Nee

Spirit of the Gospel

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Spirit of the Gospel by Watchman Nee

Are you on fire with the spirit of the gospel?

The coming of the Lord Jesus to earth was the casting upon the earth of the fire of the gospel (cf. Luke 12:49). He began with the callings of the twelve and of the seventy to preach the gospel. After He had accomplished the work of redemption by His death, He then commissioned His disciples to preach the gospel throughout the world. In the recovery of the church, the ministry of the gospel must be recovered too.

"The recovery of the church is the recovery of the entire range of God's word. Hence the ministry of the gospel must be recovered. The fire of the gospel must be burning in the church and the gospel must be preached to the ends of the earth before our Lord will return. That the fire fails to spread abroad is a basic problem. It is because the outward man is not broken. The outward man must be broken; otherwise the gospel will not be able to spread."
Watchman Nee, The Spirit of the Gospel

In The Spirit of the Gospel, Watchman Nee shares with his younger colleagues the absolute necessity for the spirit of the gospel. He demonstrates this with episodes from the life of James M'Kendrick whose spirit of the gospel ran high. Then he gives some practical instructions on how to preach the gospel, such as presenting the Lord Jesus as the Friend of sinners as well as their Savior, helping sinners get in touch with Jesus Christ, and the four indispensable factors to an acceptance of the gospel. Finally, he touches upon a number of topics which illustrate the unsearchable riches of the gospel.

May God use this book to stir up the spirit of the gospel in the hearts of His people that the fire may spread far and wide upon the earth to the glory of God!