Oswald Chambers

Our Ultimate Refuge

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Our Ultimate Refuge by Oswald Chambers

God is our ultimate refuge!

In this updated language edition, you'll find that God is not only our ultimate refuge, says Oswald Chambers; He is our only refuge.

Formerly titled Baffled to Fight Better, Our Ultimate Refuge helps you tackle the age-old question, "Why do the righteous suffer?" and takes a biblical look at the problem of pain in the book of Job. Pain and suffering can bring a new understanding of God's majesty, goodness, and plan for us. While few will ever suffer to the extreme that Job did, his character and his dealings with God can bring light to our own pain and to the suffering of others.

"The explanation of the whole thing lies in the fact that God and Satan had made a battleground of Job's soul without Job's permission. Without any warning, Job's life is suddenly turned into desperate havoc and God keeps our of sight and never gives any sign whatever to Job that He IS. The odds are desperately against God and it looks as if the sneer of Satan will prove to be true; but God wins in the end, Job comes out triumphant in his faith in God, and Satan is completely vanquished. Will I trust the revelation given of God by Jesus Christ when everything in my personal experience flatly contradicts it?"
Oswald Chambers, Our Ultimate Refuge

This thoughtful study of the book of Job explains the positive effects pain can produce in our lives. It also show us how not to deal with those who are suffering. The problem of pain is an ancient one, yet never more real than when faced by those of us living at the beginning of the twenty-first century. All of our modern comforts, all of today's myths of self-sufficiency and optimism cannot ease the pain of our fallenness.