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New Believer's Series

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New Believer's Series by Watchman Nee

New Believer's Series: 24 Foundational Lessons for New Christians

New believers earnestly desire to know the Lord Jesus in a deeper way. They have a hunger for the Word of God and long to understand and fully experience the reality of salvation. In the 24 simple yet profound messages of the New Believer's Series, Watchman Nee guides new believers through some of the most pressing issues that they face, helping them to mature in the Lord and to be built up with other believers.

"The first thing a new believer needs is a total and thorough breaking down of his past. Why did the Lord say, “Unless you turn and become like little children, you shall by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens” (Matt. 18:3)? This means that our past living was wrong. We lived in vanity, and our former days count for nothing! We all should have to have a fresh start. … Everything of the past needs to be torn down and removed. The perfection of a new believer consists of the tearing down of his past item by item. If a man is saved at the age of forty, perfecting means a total destruction of everything that he has acquired during his previous forty years. Many people regret their sins but not themselves. We pass from death into life. We are not putting life into death. The building up of a new believer consists of identifying the things to be dealt with, the things to be eliminated, and the things to be added. Everything should be judged by the biblical standard."
Watchman Nee

This set of twenty-four booklets is boxed and shrink-wrapped and makes a perfect gift or keepsake for young Christians and new believers alike. The timeless spiritual wisdom has also found a place in countless church libraries and personal collections for Nee's clarity on foundational Christian subjects. From how to be separated from the world to what the discipline of God looks like, Watchman Nee covers the basics simply and scripturally for the edification of new disciples of Jesus Christ.

Full list of booklets included in the New Believer's Series: Baptism, Terminating the Past, Separation from the World, Witnessing, Leading Men to Christ, If Anyone Sins, Consecration, Confession with the Mouth, Reading the Bible, Meeting, Prayer, Early Rising, Confession and Recompense, Forgiveness and Restoration, Deliverance, Our Life, Seeking God's Will, Governmental Forgiveness, The Discipline of God, The Discipline of the Holy Spirit, Withstanding the Devil, Loving the Brothers, The Priesthood, The Body of Christ.