Andrew Murray

Inner Chamber and the Inner Life

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Inner Chamber and the Inner Life by Andrew Murray

The Inner Chamber and the Inner Life is classic Andrew Murray, shining a bright light on basic Christian living!

“How the church of Christ and the spiritual life of thousands of its members suffer from root disease, from the neglect of secret communion with God. It is the lack of secret prayer, the neglect of the maintenance of that hidden life ‘rooted in Christ,’ and ‘rooted and grounded in love’ (Ephesians 3:17), that explains the feebleness of the Christian life to resist the world, as well as its failure to bring forth fruit abundantly. Nothing can change this but the restoration, in the life of the believer, of the inner chamber to the place that Christ meant it to have.

As Christians learn, true godliness will flourish when, instead of trusting their own efforts, they daily strike their roots deeper into Christ and make the secret personal fellowship with God their chief care.”
Andrew Murray, The Inner Chamber and the Inner Life

In the normal Christian life, there are important spiritual disciplines for maintaining intimacy with God, including prayer, study, meditation, and memorizing Scripture. Andrew Murray’s The Inner Chamber and the Inner Life addresses all of these as well as several practical ways in which believers can find powerful renewal in the inner life of Christ, day by day.

As always, this gifted pastor and writer takes each reader directly to the heart of the matter with clear and simple language that all will understand. What is the heart of the matter? In the inner chamber and daily quiet time, the believer encounters a loving Creator and comes away sustained and transformed. Do you experience this renewing life each day? Would you like to?

“The power of maintaining close and glad fellowship with God all the day will depend entirely upon the intensity with which we seek to secure it in the hour of secret prayer. The one essential thing in the morning watch or the quiet hour is fellowship with God.”
Andrew Murray, The Inner Chamber and the Inner Life