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Early Rising

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Early Rising by Watchman Nee

Early Rising: Do you love your bed or the Lord more?

There are eternal secrets placed in common places within Holy scripture. The treasure of rising early is one of them.

The best time to meet the Lord, to contact Him, and to fellowship with Him is early in the morning. Manna is gathered before the sun rises (Exodus 16:14-21). Anyone who wants to eat God's food should rise up early. When the sun waxes hot, manna melts and is gone.

"Many children of God lead a sick life, not because they have spiritual problems, but because they rise up too late. Many children of God have no lack in consecration, zeal, or love, but they cannot live a normal Christian life because they rise up too late. Do not think that this is a small matter. Do not think that this has nothing to do with spirituality; it has much to do with spirituality. Many people are not spiritual because they rise up too late. Many people have been Christians for years, yet they fail to live a proper Christian life because they rise up too late. We do not know of anyone who knows how to pray, yet rises up late. Nor do we know of anyone who has intimate fellowship with God, yet rises up late. All those who know God rise up early."
Watchman Nee, Early Rising

In Early Rising, Watchman Nee reveals that if we want to receive spiritual nourishment and spiritual edification, and if we want to have spiritual fellowship and spiritual supply, we need to rise up early. If we rise up late, the manna will be gone. The early morning is the very time when God dispenses His spiritual food and holy fellowship to His children.

This booklet is part of the New Believers Series, 24 booklets containing foundational teachings and principles for new Christians.


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    Early birds get the worm

    Posted by Wesley B. Jones on 27th Jun 2020

    For a number of years now I have learned that there are wonderful blessings in seeking our Father in the early mornings. The booklet, Early Rising, by Watchman Nee takes us into a spiritual arena where silence becomes a reality and the joy of the Lord our food and strength which prepares us to meet our daily challenges.