Andrew Murray

Full Blessing of Pentecost

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Full Blessing of Pentecost by Andrew Murray

The Full Blessing of Pentecost: Your Greatest Need—The Spirit's Unlimited Supply

We believe it, we preach it, we strive for itbut still for many, the kind of free-flowing life in the fullness of the Spirit is more of a dream than a reality. In The Full Blessing of Pentecost, Andrew Murray skillfully identifies the defects in faith that prevent the life-giving flow, and guides us to the Spirit's full blessing.

"Only as we understand that believing in Him means a yielding up of the whole heart and life and will, to let Him live and rule within us, can we confidently count upon receiving all that we need of the Holy Spirit's power and presence. When Christ becomes to us all that God has made Him to be, then the Holy Spirit can flow from Him and do His blessed work of leading us back to know Him better, and to believe in Him more completely."
Andrew Murray, The Full Blessing of Pentecost

Are you hungry for a deeper relationship with the Lord? The Spirit is given to reveal Christ, and every revelation of Christ that we fully accept gives the Spirit room to dwell and work within us. Let Murray's beautiful book on a life lived in the fullness of the Holy Spirit lead you to the well of living water you've been longing for!