Derek Prince

What's So Important About the Cross?

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What's So Important About the Cross? by Derek Prince

What’s So Important About the Cross? Simple. The Cross of Jesus Christ Makes Everything Work!

“We must never forget that the only source of every blessing and every mercy of God is the cross of Jesus Christ. If we are diverted from the centrality of the cross, all other blessings cease to have any real significance.

“Apart from the cross, we have a lot of fine principles, ethics, and rules—most of which we fail to live up to. Then, when we find we cannot live up to our principles, we gradually bring them down to our own level. Let me remind you that ‘our level’ does not match the standards of the New Testament. Ultimately, life at our level has no eternal value to us.”
Derek Prince, What’s So Important About the Cross?

We know that Jesus' death on the cross is a historic fact, but does it have any true meaning and value to us today?

In What’s So Important About the Cross?, Derek Prince explains that the cross not only provides forgiveness from sin—it also makes everything else work in our lives. The cross is:

  • The ultimate demonstration of God’s love
  • The source of ongoing supernatural grace
  • The basis of healings and miracles today
  • The foundation of Satan’s total defeat
  • The door to God’s secret wisdom
  • The source of true freedom

By returning to the centrality of the cross and personally applying it to our lives, we enter into God’s all-sufficient power and provision for us. The cross of Jesus Christ is not just a historical event but forgiveness, victory, and abundance for our lives today!

“You and I cannot come to God on the basis of our good works, our religiosity, our family background, our morality, or our good intentions, because God is not impressed by any of these. They will not release the mercy and grace of God. The only catalyst that releases God’s mercy and grace is the fact that Jesus was made sin with our sinfulness, died in our place, and rose again from the dead.”
Derek Prince, What’s So Important About the Cross?