Watchman Nee

Testimony of God

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Testimony of God by Watchman Nee

What is the testimony of God?

We frequently mention the testimony of God, but what exactly is His testimony and what does this testimony mean to us?

The Lord Jesus comes to bear witness to the Father, and the Holy Spirit comes to bear witness to Christ; the church is to maintain the testimony of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. The witnessing of Christ is none other than telling people who Christ is and what Christ is. It behooves us not to sin against this testimony  for whenever we do sin against it, our action will not easily be overlooked by God.

In The Testimony of God, Watchman Nee not only reveals what the testimony of God is and how it comes to us, but also our responsibility concerning this testimony. God's testimony is key to understanding both His great heart's desire and His holy standard. Since we are in such great need of both, the wisdom in this book is a boon to all who read it!

"One of the great problems confronting the church is the fact of too much doctrine coming from man. People speak on many doctrines and give many teachings on the Scriptures. They tell us what we ought to do, and what is scriptural or what is not scriptural. They are completely immersed in matters such as these. But true testimony is a matter of touching the ultimate reality; only touching God Himself gives the testimony. Read again the five books of Moses and Psalm 119, and you will discover that the way God uses the term 'testimony' is entirely different from the way we ordinarily employ the term. Testimony is of such immensity that it is not easily comprehended by our mind, because it is God Himself speaking, and by which He reveals Himself and also His demand. Whoever touches this divine testimony has in reality touched God Himself."
Watchman Nee, The Testimony of God