Watchman Nee

Spiritual Reality or Obsession

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Spiritual Reality or Obsession by Watchman Nee

Are we in spiritual reality or obsession?

"Look at the number of Christians who pass their days peacefully and at ease. The outcome is spiritual poverty. When other brothers and sisters are in trouble, they do not understand nor are they able to offer any spiritual assistance. They have no history before God. The holy Spirit has no opportunity to manifest the reality of Christ in them because He has no chance to incorporate Christ in them. However much they may have heard the Word, hearing cannot substitute for the work of the Holy Spirit."
Watchman Nee, Spiritual Reality or Obsession

Christians today are looking for reality. In Spiritual Reality or Obsession, Watchman Nee illustrates with practical instances how every spiritual thing has its own reality. This reality is in the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit alone leads us into reality. It's not enough to have the 'right' spiritual behaviors, no matter how faithfully we practice them. What we do has to be grounded in a living spiritual reality within, and only the Holy Spirit can effect that inner reality.

Nee also warns believers against a common ill, which is obsession. Obsession is self-deception. "A liar knows his sin but tries to deceive others. An obsessed person, though he himself has sin, believes and tells others that he has no sin." Fortunately, there is hope for those in obsession. Join Nee as he points out the symptoms and causes of obsession, and then shows the way to deliverance.