Andrew Murray

Secret of Intercession

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Secret of Intercession by Andrew Murray

The Secret of Intercession holds the power to change the world!

"What a mystery of glory there is in prayer…but the glory of intercession is so much greater—when a man is bold and asks from God what He desires for others. He seeks to bring down on one soul, or it may be on hundreds or thousands, the power of the eternal life with all its blessings."
Andrew Murray, The Secret of Intercession

Intercession is more than persistent prayer. Prayer is mighty, but intercession has the power to move the hand of God, the power to change the world. In The Secret of Intercession, Andrew Murray will show you how to join in the determined pursuit of God's will.

You will find:

  • How to cultivate an intimate relationship with the Lord
  • God's purpose for your life
  • Mighty power in prayer that can influence nations
  • How to be persistent in prayer when you can't immediately see results
  • The ability to pray as Christ prayed

As you read this book, your life and faith will be strengthened, and the world around you will feel the effects of your pleading on its behalf. God wants to pour out His blessings and favor upon you and all the world. Your prayers can be the force that opens the floodgates of heaven!