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Revive Thy Work

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Revive Thy Work by Watchman Nee

Revive Thy Work: Habakkuk's Faith for the World Today

We live in the last days, surrounded by rumors of war, increasing lawlessness and deepening crises around the globe. We see ruin all around, yet with eyes of faith, we can see God is working steadily towards the consummation of His eternal purpose. By faith, Habakkuk saw the Lord coming in His glory, going forth for the salvation of His people and of His anointed. Have we the faith of Habakkuk?

"Today man is not innocent enough before God. He does additional work on the earthen vessel. But no matter how much work is done on his earthen vessel, the one and only result of such work will be to draw people's attention to himself. The ministry of Paul was manifested most wonderfully, yet his bodily presence was quite weak (2 Corinthians 10:10). Today, however, man's ministry is weak but his personal appearance is fairly strong and attractive. How we need to go before God and learn the lesson of being smitten and dealt with."
Watchman Nee, Revive Thy Work

Watchman Nee's Revive Thy Work clearly shows God's work as one of recovery, restoring all the fullness of His riches in Christ which was once committed to the Church but which was lost through her unfaithfulness. By the grace given, the Church is yet to be arrayed in fine linen, the righteousness of the saints (Rev 19:8). Today God is calling for the faithful to give themselves wholly to Him, to stand firmly with Him and to serve this purpose of His single-mindedly. Who will answer the call?

Generally, the topics covered in Revive Thy Work are those such as the Way of Recovery, the History of Recovery, the Recovery of Body Life, the Recovery of Body Ministry, the Deliverance from Mammon, and New Testament Ministry. Let it be our prayer that God will use these messages to revive our spirits, renew our consecration, and reinforce our commitment to the recovery work of God in this last hour.