Andrew Murray

Prayer Life

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Prayer Life by Andrew Murray

*Formerly titled Prayer Power

What does your prayer life look like?

"In order for our conscience to do its work and for our heart to be thoroughly repentant, it is necessary for each individual to mention his sin by name. The confession must be severely personal. In a meeting of ministers there is probably no single sin which each one of us ought to acknowledge with deeper shame—'Guilty, verily guilty'—than the sin of prayerlessness. The sin of prayerlessness! May the Lord lay the burden of it so heavy on our hearts that we can not rest till it is taken far from us through the name and power of Jesus. He will make this possible for us."
Andrew Murray, The Prayer Life

"Prayer is the very pulse of the spiritual life." So Andrew Murray reminds us in The Prayer Life, a classic book on the power of prayer. With profound insight, the author reveals the greatest secret to success in our pursuit of God, that in spiritual work everything depends upon prayer. Most often it is simply the sin of prayerlessness that causes us to fall short in reaching our full potential in God.

Prayer flows out of a renewed relationship with Christ, a communion with God based upon love and trust in Him to be our all-sufficiency. It is only this life of persevering and believing prayer that leads to a powerful and abundant spiritual walk in Christ. The Prayer Life by Andrew Murray takes every reader with a willing and hungry heart straight to the heart of the Lord who longs to commune with him!

"I must believe in Him who, as the great Intercessor, through the Spirit, will inspire each member of His Body with joy and power for communion with God in prayer. My prayer life must be brought entirely under the control of Christ and His love. Then, for the first time, will prayer become what it really is, the natural and jous breathing of the spiritual life, by which the heavenly atmosphere is inhaled and then exhaled in prayer."
Andrew Murray, The Prayer Life