Watchman Nee

Prayer for Revelation, A

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Prayer for Revelation, A by Watchman Nee

What We Need is a Prayer for Revelation!

"We do not need God to do more works, but we need to have the revelation concerning the works that He has completed."

Watchman Nee's A Prayer for Revelation holds the keys to knowing God in a deeper way. In fact, this booklet makes clear how much we need to know God above all else and how much He desires to be known by us. Though A Prayer for Revelation is a little teaching, its impact on a hungry heart will be enormous.

"Immediately after we believe in the Lord, or a few years after we believe in Him, we cannot say that we do not know something about God. Yet we often depend very much on our mentality or our feeling to support us in our journey. We know a little about God. But other than the little that we know, we very much depend on our thoughts and ideas. If we do not have these thoughts and ideas to support us, we feel that our knowledge of God is not that sure and our reasonings not that sound. Therefore, we often need the support of our mind in maintaining our Christian walk. It seems that when we reach an impasse in our reasoning or in our doctrines, we cannot go on without the help of our mind. At other times, we need feelings, feelings of warmth, feelings of joy, and feelings of exuberance. We need these feelings in addition to our knowledge of God before we can go on. 

"Yet one day God gives to us a spirit of wisdom and revelation. Then He reveals Himself to us in a fresh, special, and deepening way, so that we can say that not only do we know Him, but we have a full knowledge of Him. Then we can declare, 'Now I know, I have seen, and I am clear. I do not need any other support. I do not need my mind or my feelings to support me anymore. I have the full knowledge of God now.'"
Watchman Nee, A Prayer for Revelation