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Powerful According to God

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Powerful According to God by Watchman Nee

Powerful According to God: 31 Days of Meditation in Prayer

Prayer is the very breath of spiritual life. It begins with the sinner's prayer and it ends with the saint's final committing of his spirit to God. It is so simple that a child can utter, yet it is so profound that it requires a lifetime to learn. There is no graduation from the school of prayer.

"God will not fulfill His will alone—He will perform only after His people show their sympathy in prayers. Such being the case, it can therefore be said that prayer is none other than an act of the believer working together with God. Prayer is the union of the believer's thought with the will of God. The prayer which a believer utters on earth is but the voicing of the Lord's will in heaven. Prayer is not the expressing of our wish for God to yield to our petition and fill up our selfish desire. It is not a forcing of the Lord to change His will and perform what He is unwilling to do. No, prayer is simply speaking out the will of God through the mouth of the believer. Before God, the believer asks in prayer for the Lord's will to be done."
Watchman Nee, Powerful According to God

In Powerful According to God, Watchman Nee shares with us his thoughts on prayer so as to help us in our meditation. He leads us from why we pray, through how we should pray, to how we can be powerful according to God in prayer. This spiritual art of prayer is open to all who have a heart for God.