Oswald Chambers

Our Brilliant Heritage

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Our Brilliant Heritage by Oswald Chambers

3 Volumes in 1: Our Brilliant Heritage, If You Will Be Perfect, and Disciples Indeed

God has entrusted humanity with His Word and He intends to demonstrate His character through His disciples. When our minds are focused on God and we are growing in the realization of the purity of Christ's heart and His wonderful strength and power, we will find that that same characteristic is being worked out in us.

In this three-in-one-volume, Oswald Chambers writes, "Sanctification must be the direct gift of God by means of the instrument of the most earnest, intense, and personal faith." Chambers says no one can achieve sanctification; we must inherit and appropriate it through a vital relationship with God through Christ.

"Sanctification does not put us into the place that Adam was in and require us to fulfill the will of God as He makes it known to us; sanctification is something infinitely more than that. In Jesus Christ is perfect holiness, perfect patience, perfect love, perfect power over all the power of the Enemy, perfect power over everything that is not of God, and sanctification means that all that is ours in Him. The writer to the Hebrews does not tell us to imitate Jesus when we are tempted; he says, Come to Jesus, and He will succor you in the nick of time. That is, all His perfect overcoming of temptation is ours in Him."
Oswald Chambers, Our Brilliant Heritage

Using words like "earnest, intense, and personal," you'll find these three books—Our Brilliant Heritage, If You Will Be Perfect, and Disciples Indeed—to be constant reminders of God's endless mercy and a ready source of encouragement in your walk with God.