Watchman Nee

Love Not the World

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Love Not the World by Watchman Nee

In this hard-hitting and controversial book, Watchman Nee states that there is a satanic power behind every worldly thing and that the natural tendency of every worldly system  such as politics, education, literature, science, art and music  is to move away from God and toward Satan.

How can a Christian live and work in these systems yet Love Not the World?

Nee explores this question and other topics, such as:

  • The mind behind the system
  • A world under water
  • The trend away from God
  • How money is opposed to God

"Politics, education, literature, science, art, law, commerce, music—such are the things that constitute the kosmos, and these are the things that we meet daily. Subtract them and the world as a coherent system ceases to be. In studying the history of mankind, we have to acknowledge marked progress in each of these departments. The question, however, is: In what direction is this 'progress' tending? What is the ultimate goal of all this development? At the end, John tells us, antichrist will arise and will set up his own kingdom in the world. That is the direction of this world's advance. Satan is utilizing the material world, the men of the world, the things that are in the world, to head everything up eventually in the kingdom of antichrist. At that hour the world system will have reached its zenith; and at that hour every unit of it will be revealed to be anti-Christian."
Watchman Nee, Love Not the World

Love Not the World asks and answers age-old questions that every believer has. How do we solve the problem of letting our children touch what is essentially a thing of the world and, at the same time, guard them from the great world system and its perils? How can we pursue after knowledge and yet avoid being caught in Satan's meshes? Join Nee as he works through these thorny issues and comes out into the Light of Christ. 

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  • 5
    Truth hurts

    Posted by Gundo on 30th Sep 2020

    This book conveys the heart of “be not of this world” If you are willing to struggle through these deep thoughts you will have even more tools where with to stand firm against our only enemy.

  • 5
    Lost understanding

    Posted by Joel on 17th Dec 2013

    Watchman Nee's teaching on this subject is directly opposed to the modern day teaching that is coming from much of the Church. No wonder one cannot tell the difference between the world and the church. Many professing Christians actively participate in and even celebrate worldly activities that were not that long ago viewed as sinful and worldly.

  • 5
    turned on the light bulb

    Posted by Guy on 14th Mar 2013

    Controversial? It's so accurate scripturally, how can there be any controversy? It was THE book God used in my young life to turn on the light bulb. I HIGHLY recommend this short, wise book. It's a foundational 'must-read' ...