A. B. Simpson

Life More Abundantly

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Life More Abundantly by A. B. Simpson

Life More Abundantly: A 31-Day Study of God's Greatest Gift

What is life? Once we answer that, then we can glimpse what it means to have life more abundantly!

"The smallest insect on the topmost branches of that magnificent palm tree can look down with just pride on the vegetable kingdom and say, 'I am greater than this palm and all the flowers and forests of this land, for I have animal life. I am conscious of my existence, but this palm tree is not. If it were cut down, it would not know it; but I know the joy of living and the pain of suffering. In a still higher sense, I live.'

"The little child can look up at the mammoth elephant or the noble horse and say, 'You could destroy me by the faintest effort; but I am greater than you, for I have intellectual life, I have human life, I have immortal life, I have a life that can be educated until I shall master the elephant and all the strength and cunning of the animal world, and assert my lordship over the whole realm of nature. In a still higher sense, I live.'

"The most humble and uncultured saint—perhaps a poorest new convert in the jungles of Africa, or a lowly laborer, toiling in some factory or mine—can look in the face of the most brilliant human genius who knows not God in personal faith and fellowship and say, 'I live in a higher world than you, for I have spiritual life, I have eternal life, I have a life that death cannot destroy and sin cannot defile and judgment cannot dismay and eternal ages can never end. I have everlasting life.'"
A. B. Simpson, Life More Abundantly

In Life More Abundantly, a monthlong study, famed pastor and evangelist A. B. Simpson delves into the meaning of life itself, helping the believer to develop an understanding and appreciation of the indwelling Christ as the source of victory.

Christians were never meant to lead insignificant lives devoid of impact or achievement. By focusing on the abundant life that God offers, you can make the most out of the days you have been given.