Fred Hartley

God on Fire

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God on Fire by Fred A. Hartley III

Have you experienced God on fire?

“The highest accomplishment of humanity is entering the overwhelming presence of God. Our whole purpose as created beings is to utilize our time delighting in the manifest presence of our Creator.” 
A.W. Tozer

God on Fire is why you were born. You are more alive in the middle of God’s white-hot presence than anywhere else on earth. Once you encounter the manifest presence of Christ, you will never want to settle for anything less. In fact, the manifest presence of Christ is the single factor that distinguishes the church from the Kiwanis Club or the sports bar.

"Surely there must be more to church than keeping the religious machinery moving, you say. You don't want to be identified with plastic people who say predictable prayers and listen to leftover sermons. Quite frankly, I don't either. There is an answer to both the lukewarm church and lukewarm hearts. The answer is God on fire. Untamed. Unpredictable. Revolutionary. Righteous. Reviving."
Fred Hartley, God on Fire

Normally the history of revival is studied from man’s perspective: what we do to encounter God. God on Fire explores what God does to encounter us. Discover the three miracles that occur every time we encounter God. This book will help you:

• Learn the difference between the omnipresence and the manifest presence of God
• Discover there is more to knowing God than lukewarm religious activity.
• Explore through biblical history and modern history the manifest presence of Christ.

Fred Hartley is a Lead Pastor in Atlanta, GA and President of the College of Prayer International. He has written nineteen books including Prayer on Fire. Leading people to an encounter with the manifest presence of Christ is his life's passion.