Watchman Nee

Glory of His Life, The

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The Glory of His Life by Watchman Nee

Enjoy the glory of His life today!

Where the life of Christ is, there is the manifestation of glory. The Glory of His Life enables the reader to see some of the manifold aspects of the glory of the life of Christ in us.

"What is our righteousness? This is a basic lesson which we Christians must learn thoroughly. We ought to know that in providing for our salvation God solved the problem of righteousness as well as that of sin. Through righteousness God has forgiven our sins, and He has also prepared for us a righteousness by which we can always come to Him. Forgiveness is like taking a bath; righteousness is like wearing a robe. Among ment we are clothed that we may appear before them. So too, God clothes us with righteousness that we may live before Him; that is, that we may see Him. He has already cleansed our sins and given us a righteousness by which we may live in His presence. So what is our righteousness? The word of God tells us that our righteousness is Christ—the Lord Jesus Himself."
Watchman Nee, The Glory of His Life

This book is intended as a companion to Watchman Nee's Practical Issues of This Life. In it we are given a deeper understanding of the righteousness of Christ, the wisdom of Christ, and how both the wisdom and righteousness of Christ are made ours. This life of ours has its many problems, but the life of Christ in us transcends and translates them into glory!

"No Christian can come to God with bold assurance if he is still doubtful about righteousness. Many Christians wish to grow and would gladly walk in the way of God, yet they simply go round and round without making any progress. Why? One of the reasons is that they are not perfectly clear on this question of righteousness."