Gene Edwards

Divine Romance, The

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The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards

Are you engaged in the divine romance? 

"Turn back, O city. Turn back, O bride of God."

In The Divine Romance, Gene Edwards pays homage to the greatest story ever told as only he can. From the creation of the universe to the Marriage of the Lamb, Edwards moves through the Scriptures with a unique poetic license that brings the Love of God home in a whole new way. If God is love, and He is, then the whole of His story is in fact a Love story. It is this part of the great heart of God that The Divine Romance illuminates for its readers. And once you've glimpsed that great heart, you will never be the same!

From the Prologue:

He was alone.

The first tick of time had never sounded, nor had the unending circle of eternity yet commenced. There were neither things created nor things uncreated to share space with him. He dwelt in an age before the eternals, where all there was...was God. Nor was there space for anything else. He was the uncreated. He was the ALL. In this non-time of so long ago, there was but one life form...the highest life.

He was also love.

Passionate, emotional,

In this God, dwelling so all alone, there was a paradox: though he was alone, he was also love. Yet there was no counterpart for him to love. A love so vast, so powerful, yet, there was no "other than."

Then life pulsated, light blazed in newfound glory as revelation ascended in him, as he cried from within the council of the Godhead.

There can be two!